Font Biancoenero®

Biancoenero®, di biancoenero Edizioni, è la prima font italiana ad Alta Leggibilità, disegnata da Umberto Mischi e messa a disposizione per chi ne faccia un uso non commerciale.

Con la collaborazione di terapisti ed esperti, biancoenero ha individuato precisi criteri tipografici che rendono la lettura più accessibile a tutti.

About Zhong Template


Translation: "If everyone can contribute a small piece of wood to the fire, the flames will go higher and higher". Ancient Chinese proverb

The word "Zhòng" in this ancient proverb translates into the word "everyone" in English. It is our mission to apply the meaning of this ancient Chinese proverb to the Web, where the information lighting today's society can be the flames. Everyone should be able to carry firewood to the fire, but so often users crash into technological barriers, mainly because websites are not developed with accessibility in mind. 

Zhong is a Joomla Template Framework that combine accessibilityusabilityease of use and elegant design.

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